Reflection 209: Book Excerpts 1-4

March 30, 2011

Copyright © 2011

From KNOW THYSELF: Adventures in Getting to Know My Own Mind by Steve Perrin, available on

1. From my perspective—which is but one seven-billionth of collective human consciousness—it is only natural for me to believe that my view of things is the way the world really when, in fact, it is simply the way I see the world from my personal point of view. (Preface, vii.)

2. How I see the world is just that, how I see the world, not how the world is. (Preface, vii.)

3. All awareness is partial, selective, and largely shaped by the observer’s situation and point of view. Attribution of reality is subject to the complex mental state of each particular observer in whatever situation she believes herself to be in at the time. (Preface, vii.)

4. Reality is a fable I tell myself in trying to fit into my worldly circumstances and survive safe and sound. (Preface, vii.)

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