Reflection 213: Book Excerpts 16-19

April 8, 2011

Copyright © 2011 by Steve Perrin

From KNOW THYSELF: Adventures in Getting to Know My Own Mind by Steve Perrin. Available on

16. It helps to remember these four things: 1) we have only a very short time to learn everything we’ll ever know; 2) none of us lives in the so-called real world; 3) we’re still the same little kid who developed a caricature of a world as a child, and much of that caricature persists to this day; and 4) the way we see the world is the way we see the world, not the way the world is. (Preface, xii.)

17. To be effective, we must know ourselves inside-out. (Preface, xii.)

18. In truth, we can’t know anyone else nearly as well as we can know ourselves. (Preface, xii.)

19.We are not here to live up to others’ expectations, but more to fulfill the destiny we forge for ourselves through dedication, concentration, and years of hard work. (Preface, xii.)


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