Reflection 215: Book Excerpts 23-25

April 13, 2011

Copyright © 2011 by Steve Perrin

From KNOW THYSELF: Adventures in Getting to Know My Own Mind by Steve Perrin. Available on

23. No time to wait around, to figure things out, to stay in touch with oneself. The clock ticks, ticks, ticks. I can hear it from here. (Preface, xv.)

24. Imagine rushing off to die, like a stampede of buffalos over a cliff, but in effect that’s what society is asking of us. Just form a line behind those coming through. That way, the herders do the planning, and we dutifully obey. How simple it is, and how self-destructive, (Preface, xv.)

25. Inner discovery through introspection is my method, providing self-knowledge as a ready platform for making myself happen as I choose, while providing the best defense against others controlling who I am and what I am to do with my life. (Preface, xv.)



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