Reflection 220: Book Excerpts 37-39

April 25, 2011

Copyright © 2011 by Steve Perrin

From KNOW THYSELF: Adventures in Getting to Know My Own Mind by Steve Perrin. Available on

37. Stars at night don’t form constellations; we project the swans, serpents, and dippers we bear in our terrestrial experience as if they were waiting in the night sky to reveal themselves to us. (Introduction, p. xxvi.)

38. The magic is not in the stars themselves but in how we select, arrange, and categorize them to suit ourselves in making them familiar and therefore memorable in awareness. (Introduction, p. xxviii.)

39. So do we tame the wildness of the stars, jungles, city streets, inkblots, and other minds. In the beginning was chaos until we bestow a pattern upon it, and then a conceptual meaning of what it might signify to us from our perspective at the time, tying the whole into a memorable narrative of understanding. (Introduction, p. xxviii.)



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