Reflection 224: Book Excerpts 48-50

May 4, 2011

Copyright © 2011 by Steve Perrin

From KNOW THYSELF: Adventures in Getting to Know My Own Mind by Steve Perrin. Available on

48. As I write these words, . . . the news is full of woe and dire predictions concerning the economy, our system of governance, endless wars, social neglect or hostility, over-consumption of natural resources, failure of our systems of healthcare and education, over-population, resulting in a relentless decimation of not only our different cultures but the Earth itself on which all people depend for support. (Introduction, p. xxix.)

49. I trace this ruination of the human world and its planet to intolerance aimed at those whose uniqueness we are not able to understand or appreciate because we don’t know ourselves very well, and as a result have no chance of understanding strangers who differ from us in leading outward and inward lives unique to themselves. (Introduction, p. xxix.)

50. Since I am a unique being, it makes no sense to generalize the qualities of my mental experience to my peers or my sex, much less to all of humanity. I am what I am,myself and no other. (Introduction, p. xxix.)



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