Reflection 246: I Was Wrong

March 24, 2012

Copyright © 2012 by Steve Perrin

I am informed that Facebook filters are responsible for feeding me the impression that the Facebook public is becoming more socially concerned. I am the beneficiary/victim of an algorithm that feeds me what I want to hear. Mea culpa. I live in my own little world. Which is much like the audience of Fox news getting riled up the way it likes to get riled, while the Masterpiece Theater audience thrives in its own tender dream.

In the end, we become victims of our personal loops of engagement which, driven by past experience, deliver an endless stream of more of the same. If we collect teddy bears, our friends see to it we get more bears for Christmas and birthdays. Once we establish a personal identity, we are trapped in the world we have made for ourselves. What excites us is more of what we already have. Which is why the 1% dedicate themselves to growing richer and richer, and the poor stay where they are because that’s what they know. Think of George W. Bush delivering all those speeches to preselected audiences that wouldn’t laugh him off the stage.

How break out of this insidious cycle? If, that is, we are still capable of original thought. Of being a person, not merely a consumer. Of facing the truth, not what we want to have happen.

Curiosity, skepticism, and doubt are given us so we can check out our sources and discover the man behind the curtain pulling on his levers, amplifying his voice into a stern command. There are only two kinds of people: the gullible and the curious. When I find myself in the gullible camp, I get mad because I have ceased to be my unique self watching over my own fate. I catch myself being fooled, duped, bilked, rolled, used, abused.

What to do? Check the facts for myself. Look past hearsay to the truth beyond. Pore through Wikileaks to find out what really was said. Ask who benefits from things being this way? Who will benefit from locking the Bradley Mannings of the world away for life? Who profits from my swallowing the party line? Who controls what I believe? If anyone but myself, then the likelihood is I am not my own man.

Sad little story. But increasingly, the story of us all. Surrendering  supervision of our own engagements, we become enemies of our personal interests. If we do not persist in being our unique selves, we have sold out to the powers who surround and dominate us. Powers such as the Catholic Church, a remnant of the Roman Empire still with us today. The Republican Party that has sold its soul to gain power over this land. The Supreme Court that auctions the nation’s laws to the highest bidder. A tone-deaf Congress that sets its agenda ideologically before discussing the merits of an issue. A so-called Financial Services Industry that bilks the 99% out of house and home for the benefit of the1%. And a news industry spinning what it wants us to know for the benefit of those who make a profit from what we believe.

The few riding on the backs of the many. There is no other story. Fascists in our midst controlling our lives.

The issue is defending our uniqueness and individuality as the true basis of a nation once dedicated to democracy. Not that we know the truth, but if we dedicate our lives to finding out what it is, we can live by the light of that truth, and leave a nation we’d be proud to have our children inherit.

Be humble, not arrogant. Stay curious. Get mad. Y’rs, –Steve


One Response to “Reflection 246: I Was Wrong”

  1. Hi Steve, I saw a comment you made on another fellows blog about wisdom. It for one reason or another drove me here. I’ve only read your two most recent post so I can’t claim to have but so much of an idea of who you are but I’m just arrogant enough to feel I have a clue to your mindset at times. I’m often caught in musings of what I tend to consider the subtleties of life. My wife calls me a pessimist at times, but I like to consider myself a problem solver. I just happen to note problems and inadequacies… With some sort of vague idea of “society”, “the world” or “Humanity” at the center of my focus. Even though I know on some level there are vast cultural, educational, ideological, religious, ect, ect differences that make the subject truly incomprehensible. I still occasionally feel a need to think about such things and even share my thoughts despite a form of double-think on the subject. Being young and idealistic compared to some I’ve found myself outraged at the current state of the world. Somewhere in my youth I formed an opinion (more of a feeling) that the world was supposed to work a certain way (even if I didn’t know how). I don’t know if it was the idea of fairness or God that imparted the feeling. But as I got older agnosticism didn’t rid the notion of a fair and reasonable world even with out a plan per-say. At some eventual round-about I realized that with out some sort of magic plan there are no right or wrong answers. Just subjectivity on an individual basis and while not perfect life moves forward, and, the main idea I wanted to express: It’s become significantly better for more and more people when considered from a historic perspective. Being a bit of a history buff I truly appreciated life more when I take the time to consider it compared to what it may have been in another time. With a lack of a “Right” way for the world to work it’s amazing our journey to this place in time though a random and chaotically unforgiving universe. In the face of all the current social injustice, ignorance, and corruption even morality has evolved and continues to do so.
    We need people to think about these thing. Write and talk about them. But they can be overwhelming and depressing in my opinion as well as angering. So I choose to try and explain how I look at such thing in a positive/optimistic light. If only to better understand it myself. I hope you can take something away from it as well.
    Manic and tired – Greg

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