Reflection 276: Feast Your Eyes

June 12, 2012

Copyright © 2012 by Steve Perrin

What we mean by news is usually bad news. The jolt wakes us to consciousness and we pay attention to yet more problems in the universe. The Quaker Institute for the Future is looking for ways to turn much of today’s bad news into good news by proposing a slate of social actions we can take to return our planet to a sustainable habitat for all forms of life.

In the meantime, a lot of good is happening on its own, though it doesn’t make the headlines. My poppies are blooming, for instance, and I’m the only one who knows or cares. So I thought I’d spread the word in honor of Earth’s persistence in the face of our more publicized onslaught of neglect. I need a breather from the suffocating miasma of bad news that we have turned into a commodity for so long.

blog-1blog-2blog-3blog-4blog-5blog-6 blog-7blog-8blog-9 blog-10 blog-11My engagement with this particular patch of poppies helps keep me going during the daily media bombardment of terrifying news. To address the bad stuff, I need daily shots of the good stuff. If I look for it, it’s always there under my nose.

No, I’m not in denial—the good news doesn’t make the bad go away. More accurately, it cleans my perceptual intake so I see what’s going on in the world in proper perspective. We have to pay attention to everything going on around us, but not so that we get jaded or cynical. That last photo is no downer if you can remember the hundreds of seeds in that pod. As long as there are seeds, soil, sunlight, and water, there is hope.

If the former Yugoslavia could survive Marshall Tito by undergoing a complete metamorphosis, one way or another, Syria can outlive Assad.

As ever, y’r friend, –Steve


One Response to “Reflection 276: Feast Your Eyes”

  1. t p perrin said

    yes. YES! Poppies are arguably the most affirmative piece of botany on the planet. Mine were good this year too. Let me say your new camera seems to know what it’s doing, so that’s good as well.

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