Reflection 290: Phenomenology

July 9, 2012

Copyright © 2012 by Steve Perrin

Phenomenology is the art of celebrating sensory impressions (phenomena) without imposing categories of meaning upon them. Of considering those impressions for their own sensory qualities—before wrapping them in concepts, language, or ideas. Phenomenology focuses on immediate sensory experience, not on fitting experience to culturally acceptable interpretations and conventions. The issue is not what Picasso’s Guernica or a Beethoven string quartet “means” but what it is in it’s own right.

I celebrate my little world by taking pictures of what I see. That is one of my primary engagements—seeing what kind of a world I belong to. All else—knowledge, culture, economics, science—does violence to seeing the world in that way. Before I am a member of a particular culture, I am an Earthling through and through.

Here are a few images taken between June 25 and June 29, 2012, from my homeland, the world of Steve from Planet Earth.

P1000763_BI-10_96 P1000833-b-290-1_96

P1000835-b-290-2_96P1000836-b-290-3_96 P1000837-b-290-4_96 P1000843-b-290-5_96P1000856-b-290-6_96 P1000858-b-290-7_96 P1000859-b-290-8_96 P1000900-b-290-9_96 Living in such a mind as I do, is it any wonder that I am a phenomenologist?

Hope all’s well in your mental world. Y’r friend, –Steve


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