Reflection 291: In the Beginning

July 11, 2012

Copyright © 2012 by Steve Perrin

In the beginning is expectancy, then arousal and attention, then sensory impressions. That is how our experience and minds, our situations and engagements, begin, not always, but often.

Expectancy is the leading edge of memory. What we expect to happen will, we assume, be a continuation of what we retain from the past. We look for more of the same, making allowances for variations on old themes.

We have to be attentive if we are to perceive anything at all, so arousal from mental slumbers brings us into the present moment so we can cast the reach of memory forward into the now by attending to salient features of our surroundings and our desires.

Eureka, something comes to mind—sensory impressions of one sort or another. In my case, since I am always on the outlook for visual images, I often fashion them from radiant energy gleaming or reflecting from my surroundings. I included ten such images in my last post. Here I provide eleven more, photos taken during the week of July 2 to July 6, 2012. For the most part these are Earth images meant to capture my engagement with my homeland on our native planet.

As a reminder that my seeing is performed in my head, I point out here that our digital technologists have cleverly designed the images in our cameras to affect the pigments in the rods and cones of our eyes so that photographs resemble the world we are already familiar with. Seeing is still done by us, not our machines.

Here are eleven sensory impressions I engaged with in early July: orange slime mold, rising moon, squid, whorled loosestrife, yellow slime mold, white pine cones, bare branches, fallen tree, Indian pipes aborning, hermit thrush, and periwinkles on a floating kelp stipe.

P1000930_BI-7-2-6-2012_1_96 P1000947_BI-7-2-6-2012_2_96P1000953_BI-7-2-6-2012_3_96P1000958_BI-7-2-6-2012_4_96 P1000968_BI-7-2-6-2012_5_96P1000976_BI-7-2-6-2012_6_96P1000986_BI-7-2-6-2012_7_96 P1000988_BI-7-2-6-2012_8_96 P1010022_BI-7-2-6-2012_9_96 P1010033_BI-7-2-6-2012_10_96 P1010036_BI_7-2-6-2012_96 None of this made the national news when it happened. Or, put differently, all of this made news only in my little world. The worlds we live in are the worlds we make for ourselves out of all the energy directed our way. As I say, we make ourselves happen as we do by deliberately attending to the situations we believe to be important. My world is not your world is not the world. There are as many worlds as there are people. To change the world, we must change the worlds we live in ourselves, not wait around for others to do the work for us.

In the beginning, we are the creators. How many of us live up to that honor, and that responsibility?

Stay well. I remain, y’r friend, –Steve from this, our home planet.


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