Reflection 304: Wildness 4

August 10, 2012

Copyright © 2012 by Steve Perrin.      [Seven photos.]

Most people don’t associate crabs with spruce cones or pine needles, but in my world of wildness, I do. Crabs and spruce cones go together because crows scour the shore for crabs, then fly up to shoreline trees to eat them, and drop the remains where the trees drop their needles and cones. When I hike the shore trail beneath those trees, there they are together, crab claws, shells, needles, and spruce cones.

The gang of eight crows on the island has its favorite scavenging shores at low tide where members pry under fronds of rockweed, always posting one member as lookout for intruders. Making my daily rounds, I am greeted with cries of outrage whenever I approach Shipyard Point, the shore east of Dead Dog Beach, or the rocky easternmost shore. In such areas I find the most crab parts scattered along the trail.

Visually, the structure of the cones and the crab parts go together, as if they had an affinity that crosses the line between conifers and crustaceans. It is that jarring affinity connecting the two that strikes me as particularly wild every time I see it, making for a more complex world than I would ever imagine on my own. It is one thing to understand how crabs and cones come together, but another to actually feel that link in my bones.

Check out the following photos and see what you think.

P1010347 96-crab P1010366 96-crab P1010367 96-crab P1010507 96-crab P1010512 96-crab P1010515 96-crab P1010518 96-crabThe serrated edge of wildness, that’s what I see in these pictures, telling of a larger reality than I customarily live out every day. The world is larger than my philosophy, if I will but let myself see it. Feather moss and blue-tipped crab claws, who’d have thunk it? There it is nonetheless. Seize it or pass it by, the choice is ours to make. We can grow into our lives, or insist on remaining the same.

The question is, Who am I today? Who are you? On that note, I remain y’r friend, –Steve from Planet Earth.


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