Reflection 307: Wildness 7

August 17, 2012

Copyright © 2012 by Steve Perrin.     [Twelve photos.]

My attention these days focuses on wildness, so it comes as no surprise that that’s what I find all around me, with my personal consciousness situated in the middle of it. Situated amid wildness, that’s right where I place myself because that’s what excites me. And what excites me is what I engage with. Like the underside of mushrooms, which I recently discovered.

Driven by Wildness. Sounds like a James Dean or Marlon Brando movie from the 50s. But, no, this is the 20-teens, and I’m playing the central role in this one. Me and a troupe of mushrooms. But under each one is a hidden world, often with a hidden population of wildlife, so I’ve been checking them out lately because, in my current situation, that’s what engages me.

Take the following, for example.

P1010501 96-fungi-bot-1P1010346 96-fungi-bot-2P1010371 96-fungi-bot-3 P1010438 P1010569 96-fungi-bot-5P1010572 P1010594 P1010595 96-fungi-bot-8 P1010659 96-fungi-bot-9 P1010958 96-fungi-bot-10 P1010966 96-fungi-bot-11 P1010988 96-fungi-bot-12 Wildness is where you find it. You find it where you look. You look where you are engaged. You are engaged where you are situated. You are situated where your earlier life has led you. You are led where you find more of what excites or arouses you. What excites you is your personal kind of wildness.

So here I am, peering under the caps of mushrooms, looking for excitement. Finding it where I never looked before. Just me and the slugs. And all that spore-producing apparatus, which is what fungi are all about. And mycorrhizae (underground water-gathering networks) are all about. And coniferous trees, beech trees, and many orchids are all about. Here is my life-support system in plain view. All it takes to find it is a little bending down, and a macro lens on my camera.

This is my life world. My universe. Now inside my head where I can grapple with what it all means. Could anything be more important than coming to terms with that? I don’t think so. This is my personal adventure, which no one can help me with except the self I am led to be.

The sad truth is that much of the hubbub in the outer world of human affairs distracts me from pursuing the adventure of a lifetime. If I don’t take it on, no one else will. I am on my own here, but if I don’t accept the challenge, I wouldn’t be me. And if I am not me, who am I then? Probably a captive of someone else’s project—for their benefit, not mine. No, I’m after my own brand of wildness, and in these posts I am showing you what I’ve discovered so far.

I picture you making headway in pursuit of your own brand of wildness. Together, we’ll make a world that truly engages us both. There’s room for everyone of us—all seven billion, each conscious to the max, engaged with personal excitement no one else can feel because no one else is situated in exactly the same place.

That’s a lot of mileage from fungi. Hope you’re making progress, too. Y’rs, –Steve from Planet Earth.


2 Responses to “Reflection 307: Wildness 7”

  1. I love these entries and photos; your unabashed celebration of diversity and your call out to us, fellow citizens of earth, to wake to each shimmering moment and engage more fully in sovereignty and authenticity of spirit.

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