502. My Thought for Today

June 16, 2017

The situations we place ourselves in are localized cosmic situations. Our physical responses to those myriad situations are cosmic responses in which we act as conscious agents of the cosmic forces that gave birth to our planet and, subsequently, to each of its inhabitants….

In our human one-celled state of existence–as egg or sperm–we live with the prospect of uniting the two as a fertilized egg, so bringing a wholly new situated life into cosmic being. Our long-term survival depends on such events, so in a sense, that is the mission our bodies are shaped by evolution to accomplish. In striving to provide situations with appropriate outcomes, we vastly increase the probability that we will achieve reproductive success, so it is no surprise that our minds are structured to make that possible.

The engagement of one-celled animals with their surroundings is very similar to our mindful engagements with our surroundings as powered by our turning situations to account in our many activities. There is an inherent method in our mindfully responding to situations with appropriate actions and accomplishments. That method is what I refer to as making our mental rounds of engagement.

Minds Inside Out, Sections 1.4 & 1.5, page 2.



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