This blog is about consciousness as we live and breathe it every day–and dream it every night–on the inside, not external to ourselves. That is, it is about the phenomena that actually occupy our attention because they exist where we can get at them–inside our heads. The same phenomena we project outward as if they existed in the world, which they do not.

And that is a major problem because we claim our eyes open onto the real world, when actually they open onto our version of the world, which is not the same thing. Our personal emotions color our consciousness, as do our childhood experiences, education, cultural background, training, fears, and desires.

Basically, we see (hear, feel, smell, taste) what we are used to seeing (etc.), so projecting expectations based on past experience onto the current situation, which is never a very exact fit—and sometimes is highly inappropriate.

In this blog I go so far to point out that one of the major contributors to such crises as global warming, overfishing, overpopulation, and the current economic collapse is the lack of oversight by human consciousness collectively and individually.

Consciousness comprises many parts: feelings, sensory phenomena, memories (autobiographical and conceptual), life situations, dreams, intuitions, judgments, values, decisions, willed actions, and many more. All arrayed coherently in our minds as if forming an endless thread or stream of awareness. In truth, that flow is largely an illusion. The switching between these elements of consciousness is one of the most interesting aspects of inner life.

I have been following research on consciousness since 1979. This blog is an updating of what I have learned during that time. It is grounded on my own stream of consciousness, the only one I have direct access to. And eventually will incorporate matters I dealt with in writing my Ed.D. dissertation at Boston University in 1982. The topic then as now was the nature of consciousness (or mind, experience, understanding, feelings), in short, inner life.

LINK to my Website on Situated Intelligence

LINKS to sites compiled by David Chalmers

Web resources related to consciousness

Online papers on consciousness

2 Responses to “About”

  1. It was a pleasure to fortuitously discover your blog while researching meaning and meaningless in disorders of the psyche. Such a wealth of info and insight. Your entries are so well written and the time and thought you’ve invested is clearly evident. Thank you for sharing your own amazing consciousness with the rest of us as you also shine a light on the ways we unconsciously keep ourselves in the dark and project that darkness onto others and our world. ( That’s a tangled mouthful, but I hope the sentiment behind it is clear). Thank you again for this relevant slice of web.

  2. Ido Lanuel said


    I enjoyed reading your ‘About’ page so much. It makes me feel extremely happy to read your observations regarding the connection between human’s consciousness and pollution, overpopulation and other crisis.

    It is clear that once people are aware of that connection, it is about to untie itself. The clear consciousness will overcome the unclear one, who is responsible for these problems.


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