(Copyright © 2008-2009) All photos by Steve Perrin.

Mating horseshoe crabsAmerican bald eagleGreat blue heron


Humans are natural beings, and their various languages are aspects of nature. That said, in the natural world aside from us, our languages are artifacts or impositions laid on the scene, not inherent elements. In fact, to observe nature closely, we do best to hold our tongues and remain silent so that each natural being can speak for itself in its native idiom.


As a naturalist, I try to avoid mapping my knowing or my consciousness onto nature. I prefer to assume an attitude of curious receptivity so that nature will map its patterns immediately through my senses onto my mind. These wildlife images serve as examples of different species addressing my consciousness without any need for English translation. –SP


FoxHarbor seal pupCommon loon & Oldsquawsosprey-flying_72roseate-tern-72

2 Responses to “Pix”

  1. Kathie said

    Lovely to have met your acquaintance Steve from Earth. Your photos of Earth’s beautiful treasures are breath-taking. Integrity rules. Namaste, Kathie

  2. Kathie said

    Planet Earth I meant :)

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