411. Levels of Engagement

January 21, 2015

I personally view my loops of engagement as supporting my consciousness on four distinct levels: Nature, Culture, Community, and Family.

Nature presents my view of the planet I was born to, Earth, third planet out from the sun. I am very active in my local segment of nature as exhibited on Mount Desert Island in Hancock County, Maine. Too, I frequently spend time on the shores of Taunton Bay, headwaters of Frenchman Bay. Taunton Bay is—as Canada geese fly— ten miles north of Bar Harbor. My special interests are watersheds, estuaries, horseshoe crabs, and primary producers such as phytoplankton, salt marsh, eelgrass, rockweed, and kelp.

Level of mind: Nature.

Two young male deer in a meadow just down the street where I live.

Culture presents my view of the doings of the human subgroup I was born to, the activities of my kind of people. This includes roughly my engagements with those on the East Coast of the United States, especially in New England, and particularly in Maine, most north-easterly state in the nation.

Level of mind: Culture.

Baseball is one of my favorite cultural engagements.

Community presents my view of engagements within the local coastal area where I now live, centered on Bar Harbor, Maine. Bar Harbor is largely a tourist town in the summer, a small New England village in the winter. It boasts two biological research laboratories, a small college, and the headquarters of Acadia National Park.

Level of mind: Community.

Lobster fishing is the most notable fishery along the Maine Coast where I live.

Family includes lifelong engagements with members of my birth family, my two marriage families, and their respective relatives. I grew up in Hamilton, NY, moved to Seattle when I was fifteen, came back to the East Coast to attend MIT (for two years), another two at Columbia in New York City. I served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps for two years, mostly spent in West Germany. I worked as a photographer in NYC, spent time in Iowa at the State University, then moved to the Greater Boston Area. I moved to Maine in June, 1986, and have been here ever since.

Level of mind: Family.

My birth family on Taunton Bay in 1949. My parents and two brothers (the 4 on the right) are now dead. Now with a gray beard, I am the one on the left.

On a personal level, I am occupied by projects relating to consciousness and introspection, including two books, a number of PowerPoints, and this blog. My goal is to complete writing down my current understanding of consciousness before I die.